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    Lions District 201N1 - District Convention 2020

    7 October 2020

    Sunday, 18 October 2020 is set for the District Convention by Zoom. This means a little change for Delegates. The Delegates will be required to vote on a ballot paper via a Postal Vote (i.e. via email or post).

    Please note as the meeting is going to be held via Zoom this will enable all Clubs in the District to have their maximum number of delegates plus Past District Governors in their Clubs are entitled to vote.

    Following the Zoom Convention meeting Delegates then will have up to 21 days to return their ballot papers to the Cabinet Secretary, Lorraine Hemsworth via email or in the post.

    Notices of Motion, Ballot Paper, Flyers for the Candidates and instructions on how to vote will be forwarded to all 201N1 Clubs. The Annual Financial Report will also be forwarded to all Clubs.

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    Measuring Service Impact for Lions

    9 September 2020

    Lions Clubs International has issued further guidance concerning service reporting using myLion.

    This guide
    * Defines what service means to Lions and Leos
    * Explains the various ways Lions and Leos measure their impact; and
    * Provides direction on how to calculate the number of People Served

    The guide may be download from the District OneDrive - Click here.

    For further assistance and guidance - visit: www.lionsclubs.org/en/service-reporting.

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    District 201N1 Newsletter - July-August 2020 *** NOW AVAILABLE ***

    2 September 2020

    The District Newsletter is now available. To download click here.

    Visit the Newsletter page for past editions.

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    Volunteer Grant applications are open!

    26 August 2020

    The Centre for Volunteering, on behalf of the Australian Government, is pleased to offer the 2020 Supplementary Volunteer Grants to volunteer involving organisations across NSW to support the efforts of volunteers in building stronger, more resilient communities.

    Grants of $1000 - $5000 can be used by volunteer based organisations to support the efforts of their volunteers and encourage and increase participation in volunteering.

    Funding can assist organisations transition their volunteer programs back into operation following the disruption caused by COVID-19, with grants to help re-engage volunteers and adapt practices to support volunteers’ safety as the economy reopens.

    Apply on The Centre for Volunteering’s website by 20 September at 11:59pm.

    More details: https://www.volunteering.com.au/supplementary-volunteer-grants/

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    New Lions Year

    1 July 2020

    Welcome to the 2020-2021 Lions Year.

    Congratulations to Bill Shepherd on his year as District Governor. Bill has assisted and supported all Clubs in our District with responses to the ongoing drought, bushfires, heavy rain/flooding and then Covid-19.

    We welcome Kevin Thornton as District Governor for the 2020-2021 year. Kevin's theme is "NEVER GIVE UP – ENCOURAGE OTHERS – DO YOUR BEST : NEVER GIVE UP – ENCOURAGE OTHERS – DO YOUR BEST".

    The District website has been updated for the 2020-2021 Lions Year.

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    District Training - 2020-2021 Lions Year

    17 April 2020

    To: Incoming Club and District Officers
    From: Lions District 201N1 - District Action Team

    You will be aware that the Covid-19 situation has forced us to cancel all face-to-face Club Development Workshops for incoming Club Officers as well as District Officer training. This training is vitally important to assist all new incoming officers and provide updated information.

    The District Action Team, with the aid of experienced District Lions, has been working to prepare suitable online training resources. As you can probably appreciate this is a mammoth task made even more difficult as we have never been done anything like this before.

    It is our hope to have online presentations ready by around mid-May so that all incoming officers are ready for the start of the new Lions year. There is one advantage of the proposed online presentations - we will be able to extend the presentation period and availability.

    What will the new training look like?

    The following is an outline of the “plan”:

    • A new training page has been added to the District Website – https://201n1.lions.org.au/training. This page will contain all District training material and is being updated as elements are completed.

    • All incoming Club & District Officers will receive printed material/information by post (that is, Snail Mail). It will include a printed version of your manual (LCI eBook), a District supplement (for District specific information), copies of forms, summaries, check lists and other useful information. Please note your manual this year will be the appropriate Lions eBook. Whilst you will receive a printed copy, we recommend you also download a copy from the District Website as the electronic version contains links to other resources. You can get a head start as the manuals for Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers & Membership Chairs, Cabinets Officer and Zone/Region Chairs are now available on the District website.

    • There will also be video presentations for Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, Membership Chairs as well as Zone and Region Chairs. These video presentations will also be accessible from the District website. We are making these presentations now! We are trying to keep them to around 20-minutes in length. We ask that you watch the appropriate video(s) once they are available. These presentations will be similar to those that would have been made at Club Development Days.

    • Towards the end of May/early June incoming Club Officers will be invited to participate in one of a series of “Zoom meetings”. These will be arranged in small to medium size groups. For those officers who do not have the capability to participate in a Zoom meeting we will also be arranging to have telephone conference calls. The purpose of the Zoom meetings/telephone conference calls is to follow up the online training and provide an opportunity to ask questions.

    Please note: This is the plan that we are working towards at the moment. Things change every day! We will keep you informed. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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    DG's Update Number One

    29 March 2020

    To All Lions, Lionesses and LEOs,

    Retention is our Future through Caring Compassion and Empathy

    By now you would be all aware of some of the consequences for our Lions organisation of the corona virus. As at today the International Convention (Singapore), MD Convention (Adelaide) and our District Cabinet Changeover have all been cancelled.

    As most of our Clubs have decided to take a recess and not hold meetings for various periods these decisions will not have a major effect for you.

    To those members who were standing for the International Director position they will not now be considered before 2022 – to our candidate PDG John Muller hang in and keep on going.

    DGE Kevin and his team will take the reigns officially on 1 July 2020. There is a small group of people working very hard to ensure that all our Region/Zone Training and Club Development Days can be completed electronically. This team being led by our GAT Coordinators are endeavouring to do as much as they can within the timeframe we have.

    Both Kevin and myself appreciate this effort immensely and I encourage you all to come on board when the training comes online.

    Our Cabinet Changeover will be done completely online and we will do all the formalities (including awards) as part of our session. I will report on the past year and Kevin will introduce his new cabinet and his way ahead for the District.

    Kevin and I will be preparing a booklet that will be sent out together with the Cabinet Papers and reports. It is important that all Cabinet members remain in touch with their Clubs and maintain communication until we can start up our meetings again. Please watch your emails for your invite to the Cabinet Changeover meeting via Zoom.

    To our Club members I say this – please keep in touch – particularly with your more senior members – with every member in your Club. R U Okay is a simple term but an important one.

    Look after our fellow Lions – Try to think outside the box when someone needs assistance. For instance a non-contact delivery if someone needs medical supplies or food etc.

    This is a time where we need to come together and support each other. We need to set an example that people in our local communities can see and hopefully want to join with us. We are starting 2 new Clubs and their charter will be done by electronic means as well.

    In addition to our members our general community is still in need of help –

    We have people still in tents etc as a result of the fires;

    We have people still in need as a result of the Drought.

    Where we can we need to keep going forward with our support. However please ensure that you do it safely.

    I am aware that our 1VDGE Robin Parker will be contacting all Clubs by telephone to see how things are going and to ask R U Okay. (I thank her for this initiative).

    My telephone number is below and I am happy to take any calls and I will try to assist where I can.

    However the best sources of advice are the Federal and State websites – Please stay away from overseas sites and do not pass on any unconfirmed information on social media. (It only creates panic – tried buying toilet paper lately (and why?))

    Please remain Strong – Remain Lions and keep up the good work.

    Yours in Lionism
    Bill, Maureen and Catherine

    Bill Shepherd
    District Governor
    Lions District 201N1

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    Lions Event Management - COVID-19

    16 March 2020

    Lions Australia has issued advice on Lions Event Management in regards to the COVID-19 situation. This advice relates to any events arranged by Lions in the current environment, including club meetings, weekend events, seminars, workshops and conferences. All Clubs and members are encouraged to download the advice from the Lions Australia website - click here.

    As we all know - Kindness Matters - and right now there is a great opportunity for Lions to be of Service in their local communities, should they wish to do so! You will have heard of the steps being taken by Woolworths and others to provide special early morning shopping times for the Elderly and those with Special Needs so that they may purchase the necessities of life from the overnight re-stocking of shelves - before the hordes of other shoppers demolish what's on offer.

    How can we Make a Difference? Please consider:-
    * offering our Services, either as an individual or a club, to take those in need on their early morning shopping trips.
    * That offer could be in your own private vehicle, or hiring a small people-mover to take a group.
    * In many communities, perhaps more so in regional and country centres where there is limited or nil public transport, communities quite often have a small community bus that is made available for community needs. Maybe Lions could offer their services to "drive the bus"!
    * If we become aware of someone living alone, perhaps a simple call for a chat over a cuppa could make the world of difference to that person.
    * And let's not forget our own Lions members in all of this - Club Care right now is most important.

    In suggesting the above, please understand that you (Lions members) have to decide what is right for you in the current circumstances. If you have any doubts personally - please remember it is your own decision should you elect not to get involved All of us must do what is right to protect our own health, and that of our families! It is entirely up to you to decide.

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    ALF - Newsflash - March 2020 Update

    9 March 2020

    ALF has issued the attached update for the information of Clubs.

    Since the beginning of this disaster season, donations received by the Foundation (as of 1st March 2020) has exceeded $2.2m. This is an amazing response, with donations coming from not only Australia, but from around the world.

    All Districts that have been impacted by these fires, have established Disaster Relief Committees which are managing the funding disbursement and supporting those individuals and communities devastated by these tragic fires. Our sincere thanks and also congratulations go to them for the wonderful effort they have all made.

    Clubs have undertaken fundraising events; community groups and business groups have all worked together in support of the victims and Lions have received the thanks for these efforts.

    Initial support provided has included food, clothing, water, accommodation, fuel, stock fodder, water tanks and other essential items to help individuals restart. The focus now for many areas is on recovery and rebuilding. The Foundation is providing grants to these areas as they identify specific needs. To date, we have seen disbursements covering equipment for clearing and re-establishing property boundaries, community infrastructure such as playgrounds and park rebuilding. This recovery process will all take time and as many have said, “Lions” are in for the long haul and the Foundation is with you.

    Our thanks to all members of the “Lions family” for your support of the Foundation and for what you have done and continue to do for those in need.

    The Newsflash is available for download - click here.

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    MyLion Support News

    1 March 2020

    MyLion has recently been updated to simplify service reporting. The District has developed the following resources to assist Club in reporting service activities.

    * Register for myLion (Lions Clubs International Universal Login) - Steps to follow to register for a myLion account
    - PDF Format (2.2MB) - Download here

    * myLion Support Notes - provides technical & general support information
    - PDF Format (214KB) - Download here
    - Word Format (84KB) - Download here

    * myLion Reporting Guidance – provides guidance on concepts around reporting
    - PDF Format (355KB) - Download here
    - Word Format (108KB) - Download here

    * myLion Reporting Guidance – provides a step-by-step guide to report service activities.
    - PDF Format (1.3MB) - Download here
    - Word Format (7.6MB) - Download here

    Video: MyLion - Reporting a Past Service Activity

    View Recording of myLion Webinar (conducted by Lions Clubs International) - 13 February 2020 => Click here

    More details: https://201n1.lions.org.au/mylion

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    ANZI Pacific Forum - Perth - September 2020

    12 February 2020

    Registration for the ANZI Pacific Forum to be held in Perth, Australia from 11 September 2020 to 13 September is now open.

    Information and registration form may be downloaded by clicking on the following links:
    * Information Pamphlet (PDF - 1.6Mb)
    * Registration Form (PDF- 209Kb)

    Further information is available from: www.lionsanzipacificforum.com

    Registration forms may be submitted by:

    |      The Registrar
    |      PO Box 435
    |      Freemantle   WA   6959

    OR Email:
    |       ANZI.Perth.2020@westnet.com.au

    Direct deposit bank details:
    |      BSB 036-308
    |      Account No: 392455
    |      SWIFT Code: WPACAU2S
    |      (If 11 characters required use WPACAU2SXXX)

    More details: https://www.lionsanzipacificforum.com/

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    ALF Bushfire Recovery Grants ***NOW AVAILABLE***

    20 January 2020

    ALF Chair PID Tony Benbow OAM, has advised DG Bill Shepherd that ALF funds have been released for assistance to those directly affected by the 2019-2020 Bushfires.

    Forms for Clubs to make an immediate application for assistance to those in your area who may require help. To download the Grant Application Form:
    * PDF Format - Click here
    * PDF Fillable Format - Click here.

    Where possible, please provide the information required, (i.e. quotes, letters of support etc) but if these are not available, and if you are sure the costs/letters of support are genuine, please submit your applications immediately.

    The criteria for seeking a grant is not defined, but we rely upon your discernment in selecting those you consider are in genuine need and require immediate help.

    Please submit your applications to:
    |        PDG Peter Mercer,
    |        146/1 Greenmeadows Drive
    |        PORT MACQUARIE NSW 2444
    |        Email: peter.mercer@lionsdistrict201n1.org.au

    with a copy to:
    |        DG Bill Shepherd – Email: bill.shepherd@lionsdistrict201n1.org.au.

    DG Bill Shepherd will review and approve each application before making submissions to ALF for Grant Funding.

    More details: https://201n1.lions.org.au/alf

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    ALF - National Bushfire Appeal - Update - January 2020

    7 January 2020

    Since the last Newsflash issued in November 2019 we have seen the fire situation across Australia increase into catastrophic proportions. All States have been impacted in some way over this extended period with the current situation as at end of December seeing major fires still burning in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Many are still out of control and we are seeing new areas impacted daily. This situation is not going away in the short term and we are still only early in the summer season.

    Since the National Appeal was established we have received donations from Clubs, businesses and private individuals totalling over $600,000 and we have already disbursed grants to impacted Districts in Queensland ($85K), New South Wales ($160K) and South Australia ($69K) totalling overall to date $312,000.

    With the most recent devastation throughout the South Coast of New South Wales through to areas of East Gippsland in Victoria, more than 500 properties have been lost impacting whole communities. The needs for these areas are significant and support of Lions through the Australian Lions Foundation will recovery assistance to be given. Sadly, a number of lives have been lost including those of Volunteer Fire fighters who have been on the front line fighting these fires. Our thoughts are with all families impacted at this sad time.

    We ask that all Clubs please consider their support for those in our communities who have lost everything.

    Club donations can be made direct to the Foundation as detailed below, but please let all your communities know what Lions are doing and if they wish to donate direct they can do so by using the “GiveNow link” button on the Multiple District Website and the Australian Lions Foundation Website. All public donations received over $2 are tax deductible. Please consider supporting this appeal to help those in need.

    We thank the many clubs who have already donated and this will go directly to assist via the local clubs and their District support mechanisms.

    ALF Account Details:
    |   Account Name: National Appeal Fund
    |   BSB: 036-048
    |   Account No: 440704

    Cheques payable to the Australian Lions Foundation can be sent to:
    |   Treasurer
    |   Australian Lions Foundation
    |   PO Box 278
    |   Melville WA 6956

    Donations to the National Appeal do not qualify for Award credits as the funds go directly to the affected areas and are not held by the Foundation.

    More details: www.alf.lions.org.au

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    Lions District 201N1 - District Convention - Nambucca Heads

    20 October 2019

    Congratulations to the Lions Club of Urunga, and those clubs that assisted, in hosting a very successful District Convention being in Nambucca Heads. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Convention and hospitality extended to the Lions, Lionesses, Leos and guests.

    Photos from the Convention are available from (Click here) courtesy of Julie Fleck, Tamworth Peel Valley Lions Club.

    The 2020 Convention will be hosted by the Lions Club of Tamworth in Tamworth during October 2020.

    Results of the elections for 2020/21 were:

    District Governor Elect - Kevin Thornton - Manning River Lions Club
    First Vice District Governor Elect - Robin Parker - Maclean Lions Club
    Second Vice District Governor Elect - Grahame McEwan - Coffs Harbour Pacific City Lions Club

    John Muller - LionsOnOz Lions Club - was nominated by the District as a candidate for the position of International Director Constitutional Area 7 for 2020-2022.

    Maclean Lions Club was successful in their nomination to host the 2021 District Convention.

    More details: https://201n1.lions.org.au/convention/#Conv2019

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    Recycle for Sight - Tamworth Peel Valley Lions Club

    4 October 2019

    Tamworth Peel Valley Lions Club is holding a working bee over the long weekend (5-7 October 2019) and has put out a call for volunteers. Please click on the attached link to view Prime Television News clip on this important project.

    The clip features Lion Julie and Lion Mike of the Tamworth Peel Valley Lions Club discussing the project.

    View news article - Click here.

    Thank you to Tamworth Peel Valley Lions Club for sharing this publicity.

    More details: https://www.facebook.com/tamworthpeelvalleylions/

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    We're on Facebook

    Lions District is on Facebook !!! To follow what is happening in our District please like our Facebook page

    More details: https://www.facebook.com/lionsdistrict201n1

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    The Leo Connection

    A mine of information on Leo Clubs and how to Charter a new Leo Club in your town.

    More details: http://201n1.lions.org.au/leoconnection

National news

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    LCIF Fundraiser - Australia's Campaign 100 Chairperson for LCIF, PCC Lou Onley, invites you to Follow Your Rainbow...

    While practicing safe social distancing over the past few months, Lou let his usual neat number two hair style grow wild. In true Lions fashion, there's a greater good at play.

    Before Lou cuts his hair, he wants you or your club to do two things:

    1. Donate to LCIF by 26 July 2020. How to donate - follow the link below to find out how to donate.

    2. Once you have donated, follow the second link to register your donation and vote for the colour you'd like to see on Lou's hair. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCIFLou

    The colour that receives the most votes will win and Lou has agreed to wear it for the month of August! Join the challenge and support Lions Clubs International Foundation.

    Attachment: LCIFLou "Register your donation and colour"

    More details: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LCIFLouhttps://tinyurl.com/OzLCIF "How to donate"

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    Oz-Clubhouse Clean up needs YOU!

    Thanks for using Oz-Clubhouse but our server is groaning under the weight.

    We'd like your support in deleting old files, including documents,images and videos. Please have a look around your site for very old materials that can now be deleted!

    Executive Officer

    Rob Oerlemans

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    Beware e-mail scams targetting Lions

    Lions should be aware of common e-mail and social media scams targeting club members. Sadly, some of our members have been targeted with these scams.

    For more information follow this link.

    More details: http://lionsaustralia.com/2018/01/29/lions-beware-e-mail-and-social-media-scams/

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    Lions Hearing Dogs on WinTV!

    Head on over to the Lions Australia Facebook page to check out this nice story on WinTV Canberra about our Hearing Dogs


    More details: https://www.facebook.com/lionsaustralia/

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    Our new TV advertisment launched #morethansausages

    It's here! We are very proud to announce the new Lions Australia television campaign - #MoreThanSausages.

    It showcases the breadth of work Lions do in our communities, helping real people through disaster relief and recovery, medical research, youth programs and more. Lions Serve - more than sausages!

    Follow the link to see our video and find out more!

    More details: https://lionsclubs.org.au/more-than-sausages/

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    Attention All Lions OZ Clubhouse Webmasters

    The "Text Instructions" for webmasters of Lions OZ Clubhouse websites have been updated as at 29th December and can be found by clicking on the attachment below or by clicking on the website link.

    Your MD201, OZ Clubhouse Webmaster, Lion Graham, recommends that all club webmasters review the revised instructions.

    If you have any queries, Graham can be contacted by email which you will find in the website link below.

    Attachment: Oz-Clubhouse-Instructions-Revised-29th-December-2015.pdf

    More details: https://lionsclubs.org.au/members/oz-clubhouse/